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Need professional Czech voices for your film, TV or on-line project or on-line podcast? Captivating narrators for your audiobooks or commercial voiceovers? Not only do we have years of experience. We also run our own recording facilities: several voiceover and dubbing studios as well as music recording studio. Our network of actors all over the country includes many of the best Czech talents and film/TV stars. We will provide voice catalogues and carefully pre-selected voices that best fit your project. We will take care of your production needs from A to Z. We will help you create and deliver the audio content you need for your film, TV project, commercials, documents or any other media format you desire.  

FILM21: Sound studio voiceover


Working with voice talents and narrators is our everyday business. Finding the right voice for animated characters, film dubbing and voiceovers or emotionally driven voice that would represent your brand or product the best.
Not only are we ready to meet all of your technical expectations. Our voice directors will help you make the best out of our voice talents. Meet our voices, let's have a talk about the specifics of your project and we will prepare the best solution. Sounds good? Ask for the access to our "voice catalogue" and let 's talk about your project. 


Two decades of experience working with rock bands, pop bands, jazz bands, philharmonic orchestra soloists or kletzmer musicians. You name the genre. We have worked with them all. We also compose and record music for film, TV and theatre. So no matter if you need help producing your own music or original piece of music, our strong background and amazing portfolio of professional music talents in our region enables us to meet your needs and deliver the music content you need. Currently we are operating two music recording studios. Pop/rock studio well suited for rock or pop bands. Or live studio with pleasing ambience for live medium-sized ensemble, acoustic instruments or top of the line soloists. Both of these studio spaces can be independently combined and used for more ambitious music projects. 

Music: Mixer Keys
Live podcast

live podcast

We can easily set up your podcast show with up to 4 speakers in our studio or at your location. On top of that you can connect with as many guests as you wish and have a real-time chat with them. On top of that we can accompany your podcast with jingles, music,  sound effects or any other pre-recorded audio of your choice.  We can deliver your podcast on-air in realtime, pre-schedule its premiere or record your show for later use. With our podcast services you get the feeling of a real professional "radio" show. 

LIVE music

Do you have a music project or a band? Do you want to stream your concert from your location or even from our professional acoustically treated music recording studio with professional studio mix? We can stream your music to social media like Youtube or Facebook. Or you can leave your concert with live studio recording. Reach out to your fans and record your concert at the same time. 

Live music
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