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We run several studio spaces and expert teams for specific production tasks. Graphic designers and illustrators in our Graphics&Design studio. Our camera and sound people operate greenscreen studio for keying, lights, camera equipment and special effects. We run three dubbing studios for audiobook recordings, voiceovers and dubbing of films. We own and operate music studio for music recording of live bands and ensembles. And finally photostudio with flash lights, rail systems with pantographs, backdrops of different size,  color, make-up room, wc, kitchen, sofas, wifi and balcony with a view. Visit our cosy and creative independent workspaces for your production needs and good vibe times.

Green screen studio


Our greenscreen studio is ideal for chroma-key effects. Replace the green screen background with a virtual set, your graphics and designs, color or TV set you wish. The possibilities are endless. The size comfortably allows for up to 4 talents in front of the green screen at the same time.

No cables or stands necessary on the ground. The ceiling is equipped with lighting daylights (5600k) system with rails and pantographs. Additional lighting available upon request. The room is acoustically well treated which makes the space ideal for any TV production, music videos or brand promotional videos.


Size 7m x 12m 
Ceiling 4 m 20 cm
Kitchen and WC
Make-up room
Storage room
Balcony, outside seating launch


If you need professional voiceovers or dubbing, our voiceover studio is your ideal choice. Silent and acoustically treated recording room is separated from control room with PC/iMac and professional sound softwares  (Avid ProTools, Logic Pro X)
The studio is equiped with professional studio hardware: studio monitors (Yamaha, Genelec), mic preamps, 5.1. SWAN sound system, professional sound cards, variety of dynamic as well as condenser microphones, headphones, TV monitors, pop filters and of … high-quality coffee of course. :)
There is also enough space to relax or get some refreshments from our kitchen cabinets and fridge. These premises are typically used for the recording of audiobooks, dubbing of foreign films and voiceovers for animated series.
Currently we are operating 3 independent dubbing studio spaces. Two of them offering extra space and cosy rooms for guest narrators who wish to stay overnight and work on their project for several days.

Dubbing studio
Photo studio

Photo studio

Well suited for portraits, modelling as well as corporate photos and even small group photographs.
Medium-sized space with cosy atmosphere.


4m wide backdrop (white or black)

7m green screen for chroma keying
8x studio flash lights (octagon, strips, umbrellas, etc.)
Size 7m x 12m 
Ceiling 4 m 20 cm
Make-up room
Storage room


If you need original designs or graphics for prints, websites, social media, animation or video – our team of creative and experienced designers can design, draw and deliver appealing and smart designs that wil trigger your emotions and make you think.

Graphic and design studio
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