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We produce video, motion graphics, animation, streaming, on-line video podcasts and more. Audiovisual content for TV, on-line campaigns and social media. We can guide you through every milestone of this creative process. We will listen to your story and turn it into audiovisual one that will reach your audience and make impact. We will work on your project from scratch to epic finish. We will be there to take care of the whole production pipeline and tackle all the details, technicalities and challenges along the way. We will adhere to our agreement and meet the deadlines. We will walk the extra mile to deliver project best possible. Why? Because we know it is worth it and it pays off in the long run to strive for excellence and build long-lasting trustworthy partnership.   

Commercials: Video Editing


Commercials for TV, web, social media or on-line campaigns. To build your brand awareness, to boost your product launch or build your social media reach and fanbase of your followers. We don’t think of just one video. We think in context. We create strategic media content for your whole marketing funnel. Make smart choices and never waste your money. We have served hundreds of projects from various fields all over the country as well as abroad. For the past 8 years we have even trained company executives and heads of marketing at workshops and marketing conferences. We know what works and what doesn’t. We understand which KPI (key performance indicators) are important when implementing on-line videomarketing strategies in your business. 


Replace the green screen in our studio for anything you wish – virtual studio or any other location of your choice.

Be creative using overlay graphics or your project visuals. Use your own talent or let us help you find the best professional actors or speakers who will represent your brand or project.

Virtual studio: Green screen


We can record your event with up to 5 videocameras. We can feed it with other pre-recorded video, audio, overlay graphics, jingles, animations, titles and other media. This way your events can reach as much audience as you can imagine. We can follow your event script or help you design one. 


Get in touch with your audience in realtime with no limits. Stream your live event to your viewers via Facebook or Youtube. Your viewers can watch and listen to you from anywhere, anytime. Expand your live contact and reach your audience with our professional live streaming service. 

Music videos: Guitar playing


Do you have a band or another music project? Then you need a music video. We love working with creative people. And we are very much familiar with the world of art and show business in our country. We can help you not only with the shooting but also with the set design, costumes, props, locations and everything else you need to make your music video shine.


Explainers, how-to videos, instructional videos, eductional videos - they all have something in common. They help people understand what you do, how you do it and why. They show other people you know your craft or your business. They also help people make your products or services more accessible.

People on our team are tutors, lecturers and mentors. They understand  very well  the methodologies behind creating educational content. Audiovisual content reaches to all of our senses. With your expertise and our experience we will prepare the best script for the production of educational content you need for your clients, present and future employees or partners.

Educational videos
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