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Need media for your live event? Looking for multi camera recording or streaming? On-line podcast or video podcast? Youtube or Facebook stream of your conference, sports event, company event, talk show? You name it, we got it. 



We can record your event with up to 5 videocameras. We can feed it with other pre-recorded video, audio, overlay graphics, jingles, animations, titles and other media. This way your events can reach as much audience as you can imagine. We can follow your event script or help you design one. 


Get in touch with your audience in realtime with no limits. Stream your live event to your viewers via Facebook or Youtube. Your viewers can watch and listen to you from anywhere, anytime. Expand your live contact and reach your audience with our professional live streaming service. 

Live podcast

live podcast

We can easily set up your podcast show with up to 4 speakers in our studio or at your location. On top of that you can connect with as many guests as you wish and have a real-time chat with them. On top of that we can accompany your podcast with jingles, music,  sound effects or any other pre-recorded audio of your choice.  We can deliver your podcast on-air in realtime, pre-schedule its premiere or record your show for later use. With our podcast services you get the feeling of a real professional "radio" show. 

LIVE music

Do you have a music project or a band? Do you want to stream your concert from your location or even from our professional acoustically treated music recording studio with professional studio mix? We can stream your music to social media like Youtube or Facebook. Or you can leave your concert with live studio recording. Reach out to your fans and record your concert at the same time. 

Live music
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